Firth Consultants is an independent consultancy that specialises in the assessment of environmental risks arising from land contamination. We have a proven record of providing robust technical service and advice to all sectors on a wide range of contaminated site issues. Our client base includes landowners and developers, regulators, industry, geo-environmental consultants and remediation contractors. Firth Consultants provides outstanding quality of service to help you achieve your risk management objectives.

Risk assessment is a complex process that requires a rigorous understanding of the sciences. Our strength lies in being able to apply this knowledge to solve real problems; problems which will also have regulatory, economic and social constraints. Firth Consultants is able to analyse and communicate environmental risk effectively to allow sensible decisions on risk management to be made. Firth Consultants is prepared to challenge the many inherent conservatisms used in risk assessment, and ensure that decisions are defensible whilst being sustainable. We are willing to tackle difficult questions and review decisions made on the basis of “mainstream” interpretation. With our blend of technical excellence and practical experience, we aim to provide clients with the necessary knowledge and understanding to allow sensible decisions on how land contamination risks should best be managed.

Firth Consultants produces high quality risk assessments efficiently and thoroughly, and helps others to do so through constructive advice and training. We tailor our risk assessments to the requirements of the site, keeping them simple where possible, but using more sophisticated tools where warranted. This fit-for-purpose approach ensures that regulatory requirements are satisfied without being over complex or costly.



Firth Consultants’ principal service areas are:

  • Hydrogeological risk assessment
  • Human health risk assessment
  • Ecological risk assessment
  • Consequence modelling
  • Bespoke risk tools
  • Expert witness
  • Peer review
  • Training

About Us

Firth Consultants was founded in 2007 by Simon Firth, one of the UK’s leading specialists in contaminated land risk assessment. Simon graduated with an MSc in Hydrogeology in 1995 and spent his first years in consultancy gaining relevant skills in contaminated land assessment and management, including site investigation, remediation and groundwater modelling. He later specialised in human health and controlled waters risk assessment and has spent the majority of his time over the last 8 years conducting, reviewing and training others in this type of work in the UK and elsewhere.

Firth Consultants provides risk assessment consultancy services to a wide range of clients, including local authorities, landowners, chemical companies, developers, environmental consultancies and remediation contractors. Whether the problem is a small spill from a domestic heating oil tank, or a major redevelopment of a former industrial facility, Firth Consultants has the resources to deliver a robust and defensible risk assessment in a timely and cost-effective manner.